Virtual Thirst is a knowledge-sharing platform that provides multiple functions and renders several services. We dish out expert tips and insights on knowledge and information management and render specialist consulting and educational services.

The zeal, readiness, and skills we show towards providing solutions to a wide range of challenges set us apart from our counterparts. With us, you’re sure of getting answers to questions. Below are some services we render to our large audience.

We are united in our passion to help

Coaching and Consultancy

Virtual Thirst is home to over 200 professionals that are experts in their various fields. Their presence puts us in the best position to render coaching and consultancy services to individuals and organizations that need them. Whatever area you need an expert opinion, our team is always available to deliver.

Businesses, careers, technology, agriculture, lifestyle, health, etc., are all sectors that our coaching and consultancy department covers. Whether you’re starting a business or you want to leverage innovations and new knowledge to improve an existing one, our massive repository of information is available for your use.

Our project management team comprises individuals that are well-versed and have consulted on many projects. They will ensure that you get the best hands and brains for whatever you want to do.

Business Design and Development

Being a platform established on the back of years of research and knowledge acquisition, Virtual Thirst offers business design and development services to its extensive client and member base, comprising individuals from every walk of life. We help gather information on the businesses you intend to develop and design processes to achieve it.

Our team of business developers possesses several years of experience handling similar tasks and can provide the support you need right from idea generation to on-site implementation. We even go as far as overseeing the very first phases of product rollout. As part of our mission to see people and businesses grow, we’ll continually monitor your business’ growth.

Educational Services

In furthering our vision to become a global knowledge and information hub, Virtual Thirst runs a data science and information management academy. Here, we train and expose individuals from different disciplines to the significance of managing data resources and adopting them in solving real-life challenges. Our educational services and tools are available to individuals and organizations.

At the Virtual Thirst Academy for Data Science and Information Management, we believe everyone requires information and knowledge, whether an individual or an organization. Our curriculum gets tailored to provide you with global standard learning and expertise.