Grilling Hacks That You Might Not Know

Grilling is the simplest method of cooking than others depending on the appliance and the knowledge. Similarly, it can also be difficult for a beginner who may not understand how to go about some of the challenges that they may experience. It is that time of the year that you have parties and gets together for family and friends. It is common sense to have grilled dishes for simple get together as part of the menu. You need to serve your guests with warm meals or rather allow them to be part of the grilling session. You are still torn between entertaining your guests and having full concentration on the preparation of the meals. In fact, you will place your meal; grab your cup of favorite drinks as you entertain your guests with no stress. Here are five grilling hacks that you should try, to give you all the peace when grilling.

1.    Replace your grill brushes with onions or aluminum foil

Cleaning the gunk after grilling is an uphill task. The grill brushes at one point may not be effective. This is the point you opt to use a scientific or a biological method to make sure your grill is spotlessly clean. Fold the aluminum foil into a ball immediately you remove the food from the grill. Hang the foil on the grates. It will absorb all the food remains. Alternatively, you can cut a slice of on and rub it in them. The next time you come to use it, it will be a non-stick appliance.

2.    Use hot water to check the level of LPG gas before you barbeque

Cooking while you have no idea of the level of propane gas is risky. Just tilt the gas tank and pour hot water on it. How then will you know the level?  The level of propane gas will be cold while the rest of the places will be warm hence that means the water is in contact with air. 4

3.    The power of lemons

Lemons have two purposes in grilling fish. Have you ever prepared a nice fish meal only for you to remove it from the grill and it just sticks on the pan? In addition, not everyone is comfortable with the smell of fish as much as the taste is awesome. To prevent all these two disasters, just place a layer of lemons on the grates and place your meal on top of it and start grilling. You will be amazed by the results.

4.    Get the taste of smoke using grilled lemons

Reasons, why prefer smoked meals, is the taste and flavor. If you happen to use another grill apart from the wood grill then you end up missing the taste. But still, there is hope. Just grill the lemons before you start grilling your meal to congest the smoke taste on your oven, and then place the meal on it. You will not notice the difference in the type of griller.

5.    Moisten your hamburgers using ice cubes

Presentation and the physical outlook of a grilled food lie on the moisture content. With the high temperatures on the griller; it is possible to have a dried hamburger which just spoils its taste. Ice cubes are a savior at this point. Just place a few ice cubes or butter at the center of the chicken or meat then grill it. Definitely, the butter will melt or ice cubes will evaporate and make the meat moist and tasty.

It is not all about the appliance and the meal available for grilling. It is all about the inclusion of creativity and some little knowledge that makes the difference.