About Us

Virtual Thirst is a one-of-a-kind innovative online platform that focuses on proffering solutions to diverse challenges by using best practices and top-of-the-notch business expertise. We run a valuable repository of information for organizations that rely heavily on knowledge and data.

The entity initially started in 2013 as a lifestyle blog run by two university buddies, Andrew Casper and Jack Littlefield. However, due to popular demands and the diverse nature of requests from users and clients, it metamorphosed into an all-rounder entity that acts as a knowledge base for players from every sector in 2016.

Since its inception, the blog has catered to the needs of over 20,000 individuals and 230 organizations. Through our R&D, we’re constantly researching and gathering knowledge assets and building technical resources to aid in the growth of people, businesses, and nations.

Beyond all these, we offer personalized coaching and consulting services for individuals and institutions that require them. We point our clients in the right direction and help them design strategies to improve their businesses. Our team of astute professionals is famous for their exploits in their respective fields and is always available to offer expert insights into your business, career, and lifestyle challenges.

At Virtual Thirst, we’re continually seeking, researching, and promoting knowledge acquisition and management. Our school of data science and information management is famous for its mind-blowing impact on individuals and organizations. There, we train you on data and information management from the point of collection to implementation.