Dedicated to researching, defining, publishing, and sharing knowledge.

Welcome to Virtual Thirst

A platform dedicated to researching, defining, publishing, and sharing knowledge. We’re a group of professionals that take on challenges and act on best practices to create change. Here, you’ll gain access to a series of applications and business process expertise that empower information-driven organizations to collect, organize, and leverage top-notch knowledge assets.

Coaching and Consultancy

Virtual Thirst is home to over 200 professionals that are experts in their various fields. Their presence puts us in the best position to render coaching and consultancy services to individuals and organizations that need them. 

Business Design and Development

Being a platform established on the back of years of research and knowledge acquisition, Virtual Thirst offers business design and development services to its extensive client and member base, comprising individuals from every walk of life.

Educational Services

In furthering our vision to become a global knowledge and information hub, Virtual Thirst runs a data science and information management academy. Here, we train and expose individuals from different disciplines to the significance of managing data resources and adopting them in solving real-life challenges.

Virtual Thirst is a knowledge-sharing platform that provides multiple functions and renders several services. We dish out expert tips and insights on knowledge and information management and render specialist consulting and educational services.

About Us

We are a creative agency with a One-of-a-kind innovative online platform

Virtual Thirst is a one-of-a-kind innovative online platform that focuses on proffering solutions to diverse challenges by using best practices and top-of-the-notch business expertise. We run a valuable repository of information for organizations that rely heavily on knowledge and data.

The entity initially started in 2013 as a lifestyle blog run by two university buddies, Andrew Casper and Jack Littlefield. However, due to popular demands and the diverse nature of requests from users and clients, it metamorphosed into an all-rounder entity that acts as a knowledge base for players from every sector in 2016.

" is exactly what our business has been lacking. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. I love"
William Stewart